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Rios Brazil

Rodízio Brasileiro
Rodízio Brasileiro

Rios Brazil Churrascaria is an Authentic Brazilian Steakhouse, where we follow the famous Rodízio (rotation) style service for savoring meat at its best.

This concept allows you to enjoy a variety of cuts of meat, including beef, lamb, chicken and pork, which are all served at your table, directly from the skewer, unlimited, for a fixed price.

Once seated, Rios Brazil’s unique experience offers you more and more of everything... food, service and amazing atmosphere;

Follow Chef´s Tips

After getting your drinks, you can just make your way to our salad bar and help yourself.

You can choose from over 20 fresh salads, pasta, rice and our Traditional Brazilian Hot Dishes.

When you are back to your table, if you are ready for the meats, just put your wood sign green side up and our Barbecue Chefs will start to offer you all the different cuts of meat from the barbecue.


You can just choose from the 12 prime cuts of roasted meats that are cooked at your preference and sliced for you at the table.




The Authentic Brazilian Caipirinha
Enjoy the famous cut of Picanha
Taste our Barbecue with great Wines
Brigadeiro! Brazilian Dessert & more
Style service for Savoring meat...
12 Tradicional Brazilian Meat Cuts
Cheers!! Bring your friends along!
Coffee & dessert. What a pleasure!

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PHONE 01793 514 527

Address: 16 Bridge Street, Town Centre, Swindon, SN1 1BU

Tuesday to Thursday 5:30pm - 10:30pm 

Friday 5:30pm - 11pm 

Saturday 4pm-11pm 

Sunday 12:30pm-8:30pm


(Last admission 1 hour before closing time)  


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