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Rodízio Brasileiro

Hello, Welcome to Rios Brazil!

Let me let you know a little bit more about us.

I am Anny, Ivo's wife. We used to be 4 businness partners, and I was just the wife of one of the owners. But I always made my voice heard, because I always took care of everything in the administrative and management area with a lot of enthusiasm and affection, even not having much experience. My husband Ivo always took care of the barbecue, the meat, because he had almost 20 years of experience in this area. Gradually we grew. From only 5 employees  we are now 11. Today there are no longer 4 partners of the company. Only 2. Our former business partner decided to sell his part and leave to Brazil. So Ivo's brother and sister-in-law, Dirlei and Fernanda, had an opportunity to own part of the company. Today we are 2 couples who take care, each with their own function and specific area of work. We've been here in the steakhouse from the beginning. We had a fall in the movement, but thanks to God we always recovers. We have a great reputation in the city and I can say that at least 90% of first time customers end up coming back or recommending our restaurant. We will be 7 years old and growing more and more, thank God.

Come and try our amazing food and feel the Brazilian atmosphere!!

We are waiting for you!